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Ayurveda, a traditional holistic health system, is guide for healthy living not only from childhood to old age but it is guide from conception to last breath of individual. It is a science that cure the disease but it also emphasis how to improve our overall health. The classical Ayurveda is based on Tridosha Siddhanta. Each of these three Dosha, as with all other things found in the nature, is formed from Panchamahabhutas (five universal elements). The equilibrium of these five elements in the body denotes Swasthya (health) while their imbalance denotes Vyadhi (disease).

Disease is not stagnant condition, but it was process which is always developing and changing as per the condition. Ayurveda physician detect the signals of three Dosha which may go wrong or losing at the gross and subtle level. Furtherly, signals of three Dosha are discovered and interpreted which gives important path to decide the right course of action as treatment protocol, medicines, and diet adjustments.

Trimarma and Trimarmiya Vyadhi:

Nowadays everyone has been struggling with stressful life style and faces several health problems with increased magnitude in last few decades. Therefore along with the treatment of disease certain guideline for the dietary regimen, exercise and seasonal changes in life style on the basis of basic constitution of individual is looks very promising to withstand against 21st century health challenges. In addition recently world come across the global challenges like global warming, radio-pollution, hazards of chemical exposed food, increased genetic diseases, infertility, increased prevalence of heart diseases and a variety of cancers.

Ayurveda system of medicine has a holistic approach in the treatment of such diseases along with the concept of Trimarma Chikitsa. Trimarma Chikitsa means an intensive treatment to arrest progression of disease to protect three main vital of body viz. brain, heart and kidneys, to prolong the life span of individual with maximum productivity. Hence, Ayurveda life style management according to constitution of individual and Trimarma Chikitsa is the ideal pathway for mankind for holistic health and to overcome lethal diseases like heart diseases and cancers. The certain psychological thought process may also involve in disease condition.To stay in wholesome healthy condition of body, mind and emotion, one should protect the three organs that mean brain by resolving irrelevant logics, heart by releasing negative feelings and kidney by protect unwanted pressure of individual life. Ayurveda can efficiency protects and cures the conditions of Trimarmiya Vyadhis. Certain diet, life style and medicines (Rasayana in the nature) which can be taken long time should be applied as per person’s individual condition.

Holistic health for all:

Ayurveda Chikitsalaya team is attempting the goal of holistic health for all (common cold to cancer) – with the help of life style management of person according to Ayurveda on the basis of his/her basic constitution along with different Ayurveda treatment modalities. Let us find the newer dimension in the holistic health for all and become a part of healthy, productive and long living society.

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