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Treatment speciality

Treatment Speciality

i) Preventive aspect ii) Curative aspect

Preventive aspect: (Wellness or well-being program)

Healthy spine care:

Spine is the protection of the central nervous system. It also controls every cell, tissue and organ of the body. Structural or functional changes of spine may cause irritation of the central nervous system or the outer spinal nerves that are protected as they travel to organs or muscles. Any changes in structure and function of spine may disturb movement, support and coordination of the body. Healthy spine is the base for healthy body as well as mind. Degenerative disorders are also can be prevent by care of spine. Ayurveda medicines and treatment procedures are enough valuable for maintaining healthy status of spine. Ayurveda Chikitsalaya is conduct spine care protocol as per basic concept of Ayurveda for individual after consultation.

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Stress management:

Stress is precisely defines as person’s physiological response to an external stimulus that triggers the “fight or flight” reaction. Stress is acute and Dis-stress is chronic. Stressful mind dis-stress the body. It means that stress leads to chronic illness. All the diseases are psychosomatic. Internal Ayurveda medications as well as external application manage the person’s internal uncertain thought process by realising proper neurotransmitter and chemicals. It decreases the fear, phobia, uncertainty, unsecurity and lack of confidence and increases the feelings of heart and thoughts of mind at the equilibrium stage with coordination of body and mind. Rhythmic coordination of psychosomatic level can be achieved through Ayurveda medications, treatment modalities and guide lines as per personal status.

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te c te_yae ivraexí svRmayÄmaTmin.

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prSpràitÓNÓEreiÉrev zm< nyet! .

Preventive aspect for Brain, Heart and Kidney diseases:

Chronic inflammation is the real cause for any of the disease. Improper diet and life style as well as emotional stress lead many of the diseases especially brain, heart and kidney diseases. Traditional healing system of Ayurveda gives proper direction regarding diet (Ahara), diet pattern (Aharavidhi), daily regimen (Dinacharya), seasonal regimen (Ritucharya) and personal physical and mental conduct (Achara Rasayana) which corrects the body channels and maintain the harmony of the body and mind.

Present scenario of the society shows that some of the population due to their diet and lifestyle are prone to such type of diseases. They may not diagnose as certain diseases but such pathological progression is in process as background which may not detect in objective laboratory parameters at present. But in future such diseased condition may occur if they own do not care personally.

For the preventive aspect for brain, heart and kidney diseases, certain medications and treatment modalities as per personal causative factors and body-mind nature of individual can programmed and such preventive aspect ultimately check the painful diseased condition. Ayurveda Chikitsalaya planned such preventive care individually after personal consultation if necessary.

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Child health care:

Healthy child is the backbone of any of country. We all had experience that overall life status in all aspect is enough depend on childhood (birth to 18 years) healthy status of individual. Parents or society is definitely providing all facilities as per own child’s desire but it might not ideal or proper for his or her overall health status. Mostly child’s behaviour is different in various conditions. It mostly depends on observation of family member’s or society behaviour. Mental thought pattern and behaviour leads to such neuro-pschychic path ways which Ayurveda explains it as Tridosha Siddhanta and furtherly disturbs signals of inner and ultimately leads to illness.

Immune system of child should be perfect that is why as preventive aspect or building the healthy status of our child [starting from birth to early adulthood (18 years), parents or society should focus without any of fear or hesitation. Proper and practical diet as well as life style is advised at Ayurveda Chikitsalaya as per classical concept of Ayurveda for well being not only physical but mental with emotional also. Some of Rasayana medicines with Lehana concept in the form Churna, Avaleha or Ghrita as well as treatment procedure like Abhyanga (oil application), Shiro Pichu, Shiro Lepana etc are definitely beneficiary for our future of country. Specific type of course should be planned after personal consultation related with different age group. Mainly below divided age group children have different type of physical and mental or behaviour illness.

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Awatae balamyàit;ex< VyaOyaSyam>,
Awatae bal¢hàit;ex< VyaOyaSyam>,

Child up to one year: Child and mother both should approach upto one year or till child depend on mother’s milk (feeding). Stanya Shuddhi of mother is the foremost step for this age group. Upto one year specific precautions with necessary Rasayana medicine should be followed.

One year to Five year: Upto five year age children are in devloping phase. Mostly these age group children face certain immune related health issue. Certain individual medicines as well as commands can help a lot for devlopment.

Five year to Twelve year: It considered as golden period of anyone’s life. It is growing age by physically as well as intellectually. It can be believed or not but whole life is depend on this age group status.

Twelve year to Eighteen year: During this age group, children struggle with their body changes, mood swings and social issues with competional study stress. Specific diet, conduct, exercise and medicines can beneficiary to increase personal awareness to individual.

Female (>40) Health care (perimenopausal): Women in perimenopause often report variety of thinking (cognitive) and emotional symptoms, including fatigue, memory problems, rapid mood swing and irritation. A decline in natural hormone oestrogen is considered as risk factor for heart diseases in perimenopausal age. Preventive care with the help of Ayurveda medicines as well as procedure and certain code of conduct delay or reduce degeneration and support the female after 40 ages for peaceful healthy life.

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Rasayana Chikitsa (Rejunivation therapy):

Rasayana is the one of the basic branch of Ashtanga Ayurveda. Main objective for Rasayana Chikitsa is to maintain as well as rejuvenate healthy status of body and mind. Rasayana medicines are increase or maintain energy at cellular level. It also increases body tissues, and metabolic process at tissue level. It restores proper endocrine gland function. Rasayana Chikitsa increase as well as expand the functional capacity of brain and senses. It increases the strength and immunity of body. It also prevents early aging process. At Ayurveda Chikitsalaya, Rasayana Chikitsa is advised after personal consultation. Medicines, treatment modalities and personal conduct may suggest individually as per status of person.

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àÉav[RSvraEdayeR deheiNÐybl< prm!.
vaiKsiÏ< à[it< kaiNt lÉte na rsaynat! ,
laÉaepayae ih zStana< rsadIna< rsaynm! .

Curative aspect

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n ih svRivkara[a< namtae=iSt Øuva iSwit>.

Ayurveda Chikitsalaya is an Ayurveda Hospital providing different Ayurveda health treatment according to the requirement of individual and nature of disease as below –

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